A space technology to discover deep groundwater with a high accuracy

A water exploration technology

Based on a multi-million dollar database

WATEX™ is an Expert System based on the latest space technologies.

This key technology maps undiscovered shallow (0-100m) to deep (100-4000m) groundwater reservoirs.

It is making the invisible visible through an efficient and effective process: expect a paradigm shift in water exploration.

Place your cursor on the picture and see. This is 160,000 Km².

WATEX final process WATEX initial process
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Covers large areas in limited time

A unique game-changer

That will save you time and money

WATEX imagery

WATEX™ combines one of the most efficient moisture algorithms with geological and geophysical data.

This 14 year research and development technology is a powerful hydrogeological investigation tool.

WATEX™ provides accurate drilling coordinates leading to a proven success rate from 85% to 98%, whatever the geological context.

These results are based on more than 2000 wells.

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Drastically reduces drilling costs

A recognized space technology

And it is no magical divining rod

Inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame® by the Space Foundation, WATEX™ is a technology originally developed for space exploration, recognized and honored for its efficiency servicing the world's industrial and humanitarian needs.

It is designed to alleviate risk, improve business conditions, assist industry decision makers, and provide water to the population.

WATEX™ mapping is the perfect tool to launch scalable water development and water management projects.

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Empowers with high accuracy

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"WATEX™ pinpoints drilling locations with the highest probability of success"
Carol Hively, The Space Foundation